United States and Canada

Iowa, Tornado Recovery

Alaska, Earthquake Response

Kentucky, Hurricane Michael Relief, Fire Rlief

California, Storm Relief, Flood Relief

Arkansas, Fire Relief

Tennessee, Flood Relief (2), Food Security

Missouri, Flood Mitigation, Flood Relief (3)

Nebraska, Flood Relief

Colorado, Storm Relief

Oregon, Flood Relief,

Oklahoma, Fire Relief


Ghana, Girls Empowerment Education

Zimbabwe, Cyclone Relief

Mozambique, Cyclone Relief (2)

Liberia, Youth Empowerment Program

Sierra Leone, Youth Empowerment Program


Phillipines, Typhoon Response

Central America

Hondorus, Food Security and Risk Reduction Support

Guatemala, Food Security and Nutrition Suport


North Carolina, Hurricane Florence Long-term recovey (5)

New York, Long-Term Hurricane Recovery

Louisiana, Long-Term Flood Recovery

Florida, Hurricane Irma Long-Term Recovery

California, Long-Term Fire Recovery

Puerto Rico, Hurricanes Maria and Irma Long-Term Recovery (2)



United States and Canada

Texas, Hurricane Harvey (4)

Virginia, Fire Recovery

Tennessee, Refugee Support

North Carolina, Fire Relief (2)

North Carolina, Storm Relief

North Carolina, Hurricane Florence Relief (3)

Alabama, NW Florida Region, Storm Relief

California, Emergency Relief

California, Wildfire Relief (6)

Oklahoma, Fire Recovery

Kansas, Keeping Families Together

Kansas, Tornado Relief

Kansas, Storm Relief

Colorado, Storm Relief (3)

Iowa, Storm Relief

Iowa, Flood Relief (4)

Iowa, Tornado Relief (2)

Arizona, Keeping Families Together (2)

Virginia, Storm Relief

New Mexico, Keeping Families and Children Together

Pennsylvania, Flood Relief

Kentucky, Storm Relief

Kentucky, Flood Relief (2)

Pennsylvania, Tornado Relief

Florida, Storm Relief

Florida, Hurricane Relief

Michigan, Fire Relief

Texas, Storm Recovery

Texas, Storm Relief (3)

Ohio, Fire Relief

Kentucky, Storm Relief

Kentucky, Tornado Relief

Maryland, Winter Storm Relief

Washington, DC, Winter Storm Relief

Washington, DC, Ecumenical Poverty Initiative

Missouri, Fire Relief

Georgia, Hurricane Relief


Congo, Ebola Emergency Relief (2)

Congo, Sustainable Development (2)

Tanzania, Sustainable Development

Zambia, Sustainable Development

Cameroon,, Health Initiative
Angola, Refugee Support

South Sudan, Humanitarian Assistance

Bangladesh, Humanitarian Assistance

Fukushima, Immigrant Women Support

India, Community Conflict Relief

India, Flood Relief (2)

Phillipines, Emergency Typhoon Response

East Asia and Pacific

Japan, Flood Relief

Latin America and the Caribbean

Guatemala, Emergency Response

Guatemala, Emergency Volcanic Response

Nicaragua, Emergency Support (2)

Haiti, Sustainable Development

Middle East and Europe

Syria, Emergency Relief

Iraq, Earthquake Response

Greece, Syrian Refugee Support

Jordan, Syrian Refugee Support

Palestine, Emergency Medical Support

Morocco, Refugee Support

West Bank, Sustainable Agriculture

Beirut, Medical Support for Refugees


US Virgin Islands, Hurricane Recovery

North Carolina, Hurricane Matthew

Texas, Hurricane Harvey Long-Term Recovery

Florida, Hurricanes Matthew and Irma, Long-Term Recovery

Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria Long-Term Recovery

Current 2017 Responses



Angola, Refugee Relief (2)
Cameroon, Boko Haram Conflict Relief
Chad, Boko Haram Conflict Relief
Ethiopia, Drought (2)
Kenya, Drought Relief (2)
Lake Chad Basin, Refugee Relief
Madagascar, Cyclone
Nigeria, Boko Haram Conflict Relief
Nigeria, Crisis Fund
Sierra Leone, Mudslide Relief
Somalia, Drought
South Sudan, Famine (2)
Zimbabwe, Drought


East Asia and the Pacific

Philippines, Emergency Support
Philippines, Internally Displaced Response


Latin America and the Caribbean

Colombia, Flood Relief
Costa Rica, Hurricane Response
Cuba, Hurricane Irma Relief (2)
Dominican Republic, Hurricane Relief
Haiti, Hurricane Relief (2)
Mexico, Earthquake Relief
Paraguay, Chao Sustainable Development Support
Peru, Floods

Middle East and Europe

Greece, Refugee Response
Iraq, Internally Displaced Relief
Jordan, Refugee Response (4)
Lebanon, Refugee Response
Russia, Refugee Response
Serbia, Roma, Sustainable Development Support
Syria, Emergency Winter Relief

Syria, Internally Displaced Response (4)
Ukraine, Internally Displaced Response


Southern Asia

Bangladesh, Refugee Response (2)
Bangladesh,  Flood Relief
India, Flood Relief (2)
Myanmar, Internally Displaced Response (2)
Nepal, Flood Relief

United States and Canada

Alabama, Storm Relief
Arkansas, Storm Recovery (2)
Canada, Emergency Response
USA, Refugee Response (2)
California, Emergency Family Support
California, Emergency Response
California, Emergency Solidarity Support
California, Emergency Support
California, Fire Recovery
California, Storm Recovery
California, Wildfire Relief (3)
Colorado, Storm Recovery
Florida, Hurricane Irma Relief (6)
Florida, Storm Relief
Iowa, Storm Relief
Kansas, Emergency Response
Kansas, Storm Recovery (2)
Kansas, Storm Relief (2)
Kansas, Wildfires (2)
Kentucky, Storm Recovery (2)
Kentucky, Storm Relief (2)
Louisiana, Storm Recovery
Michigan, Refugee Response
Mississippi, Tornado Relief
Missouri, Fire Recovery
Missouri, Storm Recovery (3)
Missouri, Tornado Relief
North Carolina, Hurricane Irma Relief
North Carolina, Storm Recovery (2)
Oklahoma, Storm Recovery
Puerto Rico, Hurricane Relief (4)
South Carolina, Hurricane Matthew Recovery
Tennessee, Flood Relief
Tennessee, Storm Relief (3)
Texas, Emergency Support
Texas, Fire Recovery
Texas, Flood Relief
Texas, Flood Recovery
Texas, Hurricane Harvey Relief (20)
Texas, Storm Recovery (4)
West Virginia, Flood Relief (3)




DR Congo, Girls Advocacy and Leadership
DR Congo, Women's Empowerment
Kenya, Sustainable Support
Liberia, Water Program Support
Nigeria, Sustainable Support
Sierra Leone, Water Program Support
Tanzania, Development


Latin America and the Caribbean

Chile, Forest Fire Prevention
Haiti, Water Sanitation and Hygiene


Middle East and Europe

Bosnia & Herzegovina, Renewable Energy
Georgia, Renewable Energy
Israel/Palestine, Sustainable Agriculture
Moldova, Renewable Energy


Southern Asia

Indonesia, Women and Girls Empowerment


United States and Canada

USA, Long-term Disaster Recovery (2)
Louisiana, Long-term Flood Recovery
Michigan, Long-term Recovery, Flint Water Crisis

North America, Poverty Response
North Carolina, Long-term Hurricane Recovery (4)
Florida, Long-term Hurricane Recovery (2)
Texas, Hurricane Harvey Long-term Recovery

Missouri, Long Term Flood Reocvery

US Virgin Islands, Long Term Hurriucane Reocvery

2016 Responses


Burundi, Conflict Relief
Chad, Refugee Response
DR Congo, Flood Relief
Ethiopia, Drought Relief
Mozambique, Drought Relief
Nigeria, Refugee Response
South Sudan, Crisis Relief
Tanzania, Refugee Response (3)
Uganda, Refugee Response
Zimbabwe, Drought Relief

East Asia and the Pacific
China, Flood Relief
Fiji, Cyclone Relief (2)
Japan, Earthquake Relief (2)
North Korea, Flood Relief
Papua New Guinea, Drought Relief
Philippines, Typhoon Relief (2)
Taiwan, Earthquake Relief

Latin America and the Caribbean
Cuba, Hurricane Relief
Ecuador, Earthquake Relief (4)
Haiti, Hurricane Relief (7)
Nicaragua, Drought Relief
Guatemala, Drought Relief

Middle East and Europe
Armenia, Refugee Response
Greece, Refugee Response (3)
Hungary, Refugee Response (3)
Israel/Palestine, Fire Recovery
Italy, Earthquake Relief
Jordan, Refugee Response (2)
Lebanon, Refugee Response (4)
Russia, Refugee Response
Serbia, Refugee Response (2)
Syria, Internally Displaced Response (4)
Ukraine, Refugee Response

North America
North America, Refugee Response (4)
USA, Refugee Response
USA, Disaster Response
Canada, Flood Relief
Alabama, Storm Relief
Florida, Hurricane Relief (6)
Indiana, Fire Recovery
Indiana, Storm Relief
Indiana, Tornado Relief (2)
Iowa, Storm Relief
Iowa, Flood Relief
Kansas, Flood Relief (3)
Kansas (GKC), Storm Relief
Kentucky, Fire Relief
Kentucky, Tornado Recovery
Louisiana, Fire Recovery
Louisiana, Flood Relief (4)
Louisiana, Flood Recovery
Michigan, Flint Water Crisis
Mississippi, Fire Relief
Mississippi, Flood Relief (2)
Missouri, Flood Relief
Missouri, Local Church Disaster Recovery
New York, Winter Storm Recovery
North Carolina, Emergency Assistance
North Carolina, Fire Relief
North Carolina, Hurricane Relief (4)
North Carolina, Storm Relief
Ohio, Refugee Response
Oklahoma, Spiritual and Emotional Support
Oklahoma, Storm Recovery
Oklahoma, Tornado Recovery
Oklahoma, Local Church Disaster Recovery
Pennsylvania, Flood Relief
Pennsylvania, Spiritual and Emotional Support
South Carolina, Flood Relief (4)
South Carolina, Hurricane Relief (7)
South Carolina, Storm Relief
Tennessee, Emergency Response
Tennessee, Refugee Response
Texas, Tornado Recovery (2)
Texas, Fire Recovery (2)
Texas, Flood Relief (11)
Texas, Storm Relief (2)
Virginia, Hurricane Relief
West Virginia, Fire Relief
West Virginia, Flood Relief (2)

Southern Asia
India, Flood Relief
Nepal, Earthquake Recovery
Pakistan, Heatwave Relief


Development and Long-Term Recovery and Rehabilitation

Africa, Community Health
Kenya, Children's Education
Sierra Leone, Food Security
Sierra Leone, Vocational Training
Tanzania, Cancer Treatment
Uganda, Food Security
Zimbabwe, Food Security
Zimbabwe, Orphanage
Zimbabwe, Water Project

East Asia and the Pacific
Cambodia, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
China, Vocational Training
Philippines, Livelihood Project

Latin America and the Caribbean
Argentina, Food Security
Ecuador, Agricultural Microfinance
Guatemala, Women's Empowerment
Haiti, Women's Entrepreneurship Training (2)
Haiti, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
Haiti, Safe Motherhood Kits
Nicaragua, Food Security
Paraguay, Drought Relief
Paraguay, Food Security

Middle East and Europe
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Peace Building
Egypt, Children Education
Iraq, Women's Entrepreneurship Training
Israel/Palestine, Refugee Response
Israel/Palestine, Women & Youth Accompaniment
Israel/Palestine, Youth Empowerment & Just Peace
Jordan, Refugee Response
Lebanon, Refugee Women's Empowerment
Lebanon, Refugee Response
Republic of Georgia, Children Empowerment
Serbia, Youth Shelter
Serbia, Women's Literacy

North America
USA, Hunger Relief
Indiana, Habitat Rebuilding
Virginia, Infant Nutrition

Southern Asia
Indonesia, Food Security (2)
Myanmar, Southern Asia

2015 Responses


Angola, Flood Relief
Burundi, Emergency Evacuation
Central African Republic, Humanitarian Assistance
Central African Republic, Internally Displaced People Assistance
Chad, Refugee Relief
Democratic Republic of Congo, Ebola Relief
Democratic Republic of Congo, Refugee Assistance
Democratic Republic of Congo, Storm Damage
Djibouti, Yemen Refugee Assistance
Kenya, Refugee Relief
Liberia, Refugee Assistance
Madagascar, Flood Relief
Malawi, Flood Relief
Mozambique, Flood Relief
Nigeria, Humanitarian Crisis
South Africa, Refugee Preparedness
South Sudan, Crisis Relief
Tanzania, Refugee Assistance (2)
Uganda, Refugee Support (4)

East Asia and the Pacific
China, Earthquake Relief
China, Typhoon Relief
North Korea, Food Security
Philippines, Shelter Rebuilding
Philippines, Typhoon Lando Relief
Taiwan, Typhoon Relief
Vanuatu, Cyclone Relief (2)

Latin America and the Caribbean
Columbia, Flood Assistance (2)
Dominican Republic, Haitian Deportation Crisis (2)
Ecuador, Volcano Relief
Haiti, Emergency Assistance
Haiti, Refugee Crisis
Nicaragua, Emergency Food Aid

Middle East and Europe
Egypt, Refugee Assistance (3)
Gaza and West Bank, Humanitarian Crisis
Greece, Refugee Assistance (2)
Hungary, Refugee Assistance (6)
Iraq, Internally Displaced People
Jordan, Refugee Assistance (3)
Lebanon, Iraqi and Syrian Refugee Support (2)
Serbia, Refugee Assistance (5)
Syria, Humanitarian Relief
Syria, Internally Displaced People (6)
Ukraine, Refugee Assistance

North America
Arkansas, Fire Relief
California, Fire Relief (6)
California, Hunger Relief
Colorado, Flood Damage (2)
Colorado, Storm Damage (3)
Illinois, Flood Relief
Illinois, Storm Damage
Indiana, Flood Relief (7)
Iowa, Storm Damage
Iowa, Flood Relief (9)
Kansas, Flood Relief
Kansas, Mission Support
Kentucky, Flood Relief (5)
Kentucky, Storm Damage
Mississippi, Storm Relief
Missouri, Fire Relief (2)
Missouri, Flood Relief (7)
Missouri, Storm Damage
North America, Unaccompanied Children Crisis
North Carolina, Fire Relief
Oklahoma, Flood Damage (3)
Oklahoma, Storm Damage (5)
Oregon, Fire Relief
Oregon, Shelter Support
Pennsylvania, Winter Storm Relief
South Carolina, Emanuel AME Solidarity Grant
South Carolina, Flood Relief (4)
Tennessee, Storm Relief (4)
Tennessee, Winter Storm Relief
Texas, Flood Damage (10)
Texas, Property Damage
Texas, Refugee Assistance
Texas, Storm Relief (13)
Texas, Unaccompanied Minors (2)
Virginia, Refugee Assistance (5)
West Virginia, Train Derailment
Wisconsin, Fire Relief

Southern Asia
Afghanistan, Earthquake Response
India, Flood Assistance (2)
Myanmar, Flood Assistance (3)
Nepal, Earthquake Assistance
Pakistan, Flood Assistance
Pakistan, Earthquake Response
Sri Lanka, Flood Assistance
Thailand, Refugee Relief


Development and Long-Term Recovery and Rehabilitation

Central African Republic, Food Security and Women Empowerment
Democratic Republic of Congo, Food Security (3)
Democratic Republic of Congo, Community Development
Kenya, Conflict Resolution
Kenya, Food Security and Women Empowerment
Kenya, Educational Development
Liberia, Food Security and Women Empowerment
Malawi, Food Security
Mozambique, Food Security
South Africa, Community Development (2)
Tanzania, Medical Development
Zimbabwe, Water Access
Zimbabwe, Food Security

East Asia and the Pacific
China, Disaster Relief Preparedness
China, Vocational Training (2)

Latin America and the Caribbean
Argentina, Women's Empowerment
Argentina, Water Access
Bolivia, Women's Empowerment
El Salvador, Food Security
Haiti, Long-Term Recovery
Haiti, Medical Assistance
Haiti, Women's Empowerment
Haiti, Education
Honduras, Food Security
Paraguay, Women's Empowerment
Uruguay, Youth Empowerment

Middle East and Europe
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Interfaith Dialogue
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Vocational Training
Georgia, Vocational Training
Hungary, Refugee Support
Iraq, Women's Empowerment
Moldova, Vocational Training
Morocco, Vocational Training
Palestine, Water Access and Community Development
Serbia, Women's Empowerment

North America
Arkansas, Long-Term Tornado Recovery
California, Disaster Preparedness
Colorado, Flood Recovery
Indiana, Home Build Sponsorship
Missouri, Disaster Preparedness (2)
North America, Ecumenical Poverty Initiative
North America, Ecumenical Student Development
North America, Disaster Recovery
Oklahoma, Storm Relief
Texas, Refugee Assistance

Southern Asia
Indonesia, Food Security (2)
Myanmar, Water Access
Vietnam, Water Access

2014 Responses

Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance

Burundi, Flood Relief
Cameroon, Refugee Relief (2)
Chad, Refugee Assistance
Democratic Republic of Congo, Conflict and Displacement Assistance
Democratic Republic of Congo, Ebola Relief (2)
Democratic Republic of Congo, Refugee Assistance (2)
Democratic Republic of Congo, Tornado Relief
Ethiopia, Refugee Assistance (2)
Kenya, Conflict Survivors
Kenya, Refugee Assistance
Liberia, Food Security
Liberia, Public Health
Madagascar, Tropical Cyclone
Malawi, Drought Relief
Namibia, Drought Relief
Nigeria, Displacement (3)
Republic of Congo, Ebola Relief
Republic of Congo, Refugee and IDP Relief (2)
Sierra Leone, Ebola Outbreak Response (2)
Sierra Leone, Public Health
Somalia, Drought and Food Relief
South Sudan, Conflict
South Sudan, Public Health/Health Care Support
South Sudan, Refugee Support
Sudan, Refugee Support
Tanzania, Flood Relief 
Uganda, Refugee Assistance (2)

East Asia and the Pacific
China, Earthquake Relief (2)
China, Landslide Relief
China, Water Access
Nepal, Cold Wave Relief
Nepal, Landslide Relief
Philippines, Typhoon Assistance (2)
Philippines, Typhoon Relief (3)
Philippines, Typhoon Recovery (2)

Latin America and the Caribbean
Brazil, Flood Relief
Central America, Drought Relief
Chile, Earthquake Support
Colombia, Flood Relief
El Salvador, Coffee Rust Response
El Salvador, Volcano Relief
Guatemala, Coffee Rust Response
Haiti, Earthquake Reconstruction
Haiti, Economic Development for Women/Earthquake Response
Haiti, Food Security/Earthquake Response
Haiti, Medicine and Safe Motherhood Kits/Earthquake Response
Honduras, Children Resettlement
Honduras, Coffee Rust Assistance
Mexico, Fire Relief
Nicaragua, Earthquake Relief (2)

Middle East and Europe
Afghanistan, Flood and Landslide Relief (2)
Armenia, Syrian Refugee Support (2)
Gaza and West Bank, Emergency Medical Support
Gaza, Emergency Response
Iraq, Displaced People Assistance (3)
Israel, West Bank/Gaza, Vulnerable People
Jordan, Syrian Refugee Support (2)
Lebanon, Syrian Refugee Assistance
Romania, Flood Relief
Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Flood Relief
Syria, Humanitarian Intervention (7)
Syria, IDP and Refugee Support (4)
Ukraine, Refugee Assistance

North America
Alabama, Flood Assistance
Alaska, Flood Relief
Arizona, Flood Relief
California, Drought Relief
California, Earthquake Damage (2)
California, Emergency Refugee Assistance 
California, Fire Relief
California, Flood Relief
Colorado, Flood Recovery (4)
Colorado, Mission Station Assistance
Colorado, Tornado Relief and Recovery
Georgia, Emergency Refugee Assistance
Georgia, Winter Storm Damage (5)
Illinois, Tornado Relief
Indiana, Fire Relief
Indiana, Winter Storm Damage (2)
Iowa, Storm Damage
Iowa, Tornado Damage
Kansas, Shooting Victims Response
Kansas, Tornado Damage (3)
Kentucky, Tornado Relief (2)
Kentucky, Water Damage
Michigan, Flood Damage (3)
Michigan, Russia with Love Project
Minnesota, Flood Relief
Mississippi, Tornado Damage (7)
Missouri, Long-Term Tornado Recovery (2)
Missouri, House Fire (3)
Missouri, Storm Damage
Missouri, Tornado Damage (8)
Nebraska, Emergency Assistance
New Jersey, Storm Response (2)
New York, Family Disaster Response
New York, Flood Assistance (15)
New York, Storm Response (4)
New York, Gasoline Explosion Support (6)
North America, U.S. Storm Relief (3)
North America, Refugee Emergency Assistance (2)
North Carolina, Church Fire (2)
North Carolina, Tornado Damage (10)
Ohio, Tornado Relief
Oklahoma, Church Flood Damage
Oklahoma, Fire Relief
Oklahoma, Long-Term Tornado Recovery (2)
Oklahoma, Storm Damage (6)
Oklahoma, Tornado Damage (2)
Oregon, Food Relief
Pennsylvania, Church Water Damage
South Carolina, Winter Storm Aid
Tennessee, Fire Relief
Tennessee, Hunger/Food Security
Texas, Unaccompanied Children Support
Texas, Church Fire
Texas, Fire Relief
Texas, Flood Relief
Texas, Refugee Food Emergency
Texas, Storm Damage
Texas, Tornado Damage (2)
U.S./Mexican Border, Migrant Assistance
U.S. Border, Unaccompanied Children Crisis (2)
Virginia, Church Fire
Virginia, Food Security
Virginia, Refugee Resettlement (5)
Washington, Mudslide Response
West Virginia, Chemical Spill Response
West Virginia, Food Insecurity

Southern Asia
Bangladesh, Flood Relief
India, Flood Relief
Pakistan, Flood Relief
Sri Lanka, Flood Relief (2)

Development and Long-Term Recovery and Rehabilitation

Africa, Hunger/Food Security
Botswana, Community Training
Democratic Republic of Congo, Community Development
Democratic Republic of Congo, Micro-Industry (2)
Democratic Republic of Congo, Skills Training and Micro-Industry
Egypt, Care of Abandoned Children
Egypt, Peace and Reconciliation Work 
Ghana, Support of Street Children
Kenya, Education and Sanitation for Children
Liberia, Ebola Education and Public Health
Liberia, Food Security and Literacy Programs
South Africa, Shelter for Girls
Zimbabwe, Clean Water Projects
Zimbabwe, Food Security
Zimbabwe, Water Access (3)

East Asia and the Pacific
China, Water Access
North Korea, Food Security and Hunger Relief (2)

Latin America and Carribean
Bolivia, Food Security
Chaco Region, Sustainable Development 
Colombia, Ecumenical Capacity Building
Dominican Republic, Literacy Education
Ecuador, Education and Health Support
Guatemala, Community Development
Haiti, Food Security
Haiti, Long-Term Recovery
Mexico, Indigenous Rights and Education
Nicaragua, Inclusive Education
Peru, Sustainable Community Health

Middle East and Europe
Bangladesh, Community Development (2)
Bosnia, Interfaith Dialogue
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Women's Empowerment
Georgia, Vocational Training and Empowerment Opportunities for Youth
Serbia, Street Children Outreach
Serbia, Women's Empowerment

North America
Colorado, Long-Term Flood Recovery
Indiana, Home Build Sponsorship
Maryland, Children in Disaster Response
Mid America Region, Disaster Response Training Program
Missouri, Long-Term Tornado Recovery
New Jersey, Hurricane Sandy Recovery (3)
New York, Domestic Anti-Poverty Work
North America/United States, Ecumenical Poverty Initiative
Oklahoma, Food Security
Oklahoma, Long-Term Tornado Recovery
Oklahoma, Tornado Recovery Mission Center and Mission Group Support
Tennessee, Food Security
Texas, Refugee Response (2)

Southern Asia

2013 Responses

Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance

Malawi, Flooding and Windstorms Assistance
Somalia, Humanitarian Support for Somali Refugees
Sudan, Darfur, Humanitarian Assistance
Democratic Republic of Congo, Assistance to Internally Displaced People
Mozambique, Flooding
Sri Lanka, Flooding
Mozambique, Flooding
Mali, Conflict Affected
Madagascar, Tropical Cyclone "Haruna" Relief
Ghana, Severe Rain Storm Relief
Kenya, Refugee Assistance
Mauritania, Refugee Assistance
Central Africa Republic, Support and Protection to War Affected Communities
Mali, Support to Conflict Affected
Uganda, Refugee Assistance
Namibia, Drought Assistance
Angola, Drought Assistance
Cameroon, Refugee Assistance
Democratic Republic of Congo, Storm Damage
Ethiopia, Flash Floods
Namibia, Storm Damage
Democratic Republic of Congo, Hurricane Damage

East Asia and The Pacific
Solomon Islands, Earthquake and Tsunami Assistance
Taiwan, Earthquake Relief Work
Indonesia, Rokatenda Volcano Eruption
China, Earthquake Relief
China, Earthquake Relief (2)
Nepal, Flood Assistance
China, Earthquake Relief
Philippines, Flood Damage
Russia, Flood Relief
Philippines, Earthquake
Philippines, Typhoon Relief
Philippines, Typhoon Relief

Latin America and The Caribbean
Haiti, Villier Family Emergency
Nicaragua, Flood Relief
Colombia, Displaced Farmers

Middle East and Europe
Serbia, Improving Access to Safe Drinking Water
Syria, Humanitarian Crisis
Armenia, Syrian Refugees
Palestine, Palestinian Refugee Relief
Jordan, Syrian Refugees
Lebanon, Refugee Medical Support
Palestine, Continuous Support for Gaza and West Bank
Syria, IDP Crisis
Syria, Humanitarian Crisis
Jordan, Syrian Refugee Crisis
Romania, Flooding
Lebanon, Food Security
Lebanon, Syrian Refugee Support
Syria, Food Assistance
Iraq, Church Flooding
Egypt, Emergency Repairs
Egypt, Recovery and Rebuilding of Churches

North America
New York, Hurricane Recovery
Oklahoma, House Fire
Missouri, Long-term Flood Recovery
Texas, Emergency Assistance for Refugee Family
California, Vandalism to First Christian Church Oakland and Oakland Peace Center
Mississippi, Tornado Relief
Missouri, Kansas City Gas Explosion
Indiana, House Fire
Alabama, Storm Damage
United States, Early 2013 Storms, Floods and Tornadoes
Kentucky, Church Fire
West Virginia, Church Vandalism
Oregon, Emergency Refugee Assistance
Illinois-Wisconsin, Flood Response (12)
Southwest Region, Relief Efforts in West, Texas
Indiana, Flood Damage (2)
United States, Early 2013 Storms, Floods and Tornadoes
Illinois-Wisconsin, Flood Damage (3)
Oregon, Emergency Food Security Needs
New York, House Fire
Tennessee, Flood Damage
NAPAD, Emergency Request
Indiana, Flood Assistance (2)
Ohio, Emergency Refugee Assistance
Texas, Tornado Damage (13)
North America, 2013 Tornadoes
Missouri, Tornado Relief (2)
Oklahoma, Tornado Relief (47)
Missouri, Tornado Damage
Illinois, Flood Damage
Colorado, Wildfires
Virginia, Windstorm Damage
New York, Hurricane Sandy Damage (5)
Minnesota, Emergency Refugee Assistance
Texas, Church Theft/Vandalism
Chicago, Emergency Refugee Assistance
Illinois, Flood Damage (2)
Missouri, Flood Damage
Tennessee, Flood Damage
Georgia, Flood Damage
Kansas, Flood Damage (2)
Missouri, Fire Damage
Washington, Flood Damage
Texas, House Fire
Colorado, Flood Damage (11)
Texas, Refugee Assistance
Alaska, Flood Damage
New York, Sandy Damage
Texas, Southwest Good Samaritan Refugee Ministry
Washington, Water Damage
Georgia, Emergency Refugee Assistance
Alabama, Housefire
Missouri, Housefire
Texas, Emergency Grant
Illinois, Tornado Damage (6)

Southern Asia
Thailand, Thai-Burma Border Refugee Camp Fire
Pakistan-Iran, Earthquake Relief
Pakistan, Displacement
Myanmar, IDP Assistance
Pakistan, Support to Conflict Affected
Laos, Landslide and Flash Flooding

Development and Long-Term Recovery and Rehabilitation

Chad, Sustainable Recovery
West Africa, Food Security
Uganda, Karamoja Education and Youth Empowerment
Kenya, School Safe Zone
Ghana, Environmental Climate Change
Swaziland, Food Security
Ghana, Domestic and Gender Based Violence
South Africa, Girl's Empowerment
Sierra Leone, Enhancing Welfare for Children
Tanzania, Combatting Burkitts Lymphoma
Uganda, Food Security)
Chad, Sustainable Recovery
Democratic Republic of Congo, Water for Life
Democratic Republic of Congo, Medical Supplies
Kenya, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation
Uganda, Safe School Zone
Tanzania, Cervical Cancer Prevention

Latin America and The Caribbean
Haiti, Trauma Recovery
Haiti, Recovery and Long-Term Development
Haiti, CONASPEH Projects
Bolivia, Empowering Guarani Youth
Ecuador, Community Development
Honduras, Food Security
Nicaragua, Food Security
Haiti, Long-Term Recovery and Development
Haiti, Ongoing Earthquake Recovery
Haiti, Revitalization of Haitian Agriculture
Guatemala, Human Rights Education
Mexico, Job Training for Persons Living with HIV and AIDS
Mexico, Water for Life
Paraguay, Economic Development Initiative for Women

Middle East and Europe
Syria, Refugee Assistance
Balkans, Peacebuilding and Development
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Women’s Income Generation Project
Georgia, Vocational and Educational Opportunities for Youth
Georgia, Children and Youth Development
Middle East, Muslim/Christian Dialogue
Palestine, Peacebuilding
Hungary, Refugee Community Center
Egypt, Human Security and Youth Empowerment
Egypt, Ecumenical Relations
Serbia, Inclusive Roma Education
Serbia, Roma Women’s Empowerment
Republic of Georgia, Tblilsi Youth House

North America
Texas, Support of Long-Term Recovery Work for Hurricane Sandy Relief
Hurricane Isaac and US Summer Storms 2012 Assistance
Florida, Support of the Coalition of Immokalee Farmworkers
Lafayette, Indiana Growing Project, Foods Resource Bank
Mississippi, Solidarity Grant
Indiana, Greater Indianapolis Disciples Area Association Habitat Team
New York, Poverty Reduction
Kentucky, FRB Growing Project
IMA World Health, We Will Speak Out U.S. - Sexual and Gender Based Violence Campaign and Programming
Oklahoma, Long Term Tornado Recovery (2)

Southern Asia
Vietnam, Cleaner Villages
Laos, Community Development
Cambodia, Food Security
Timor, Food Security, 
Afghanistan, Orthopedic Workshop and Physical Therapy Center
Bangladesh, Community Development (2)
Vietnam, Cleaner Villages
Pakistan, Peace Education

2012 Responses

Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance

Democratic Republic of the Congo, storm damage recovery 

Malawi, food crisis

Angola, returnee assistance

Zimbabwe, emergency needs in Khayelihle Children's Village - Bulawayo

Uganda, support to Congolese refugees 

South Sudan, emergency response  

Mauritania, food insecurity  

Sudan/Darfur, humanitarian response  

DRC, malaria epidemic 

Congo Brazzaville, explosions  

South Sudan, Jonglei conflict  

West Africa Initiative, rural development  

DRCongo, severe storms in Mbandaka  

Sahel (West Africa), food crisis 

Burkina Faso-Sahel, food crisis 

Madagascar, Cyclone "Giovanna" and Tropical Storm "Irina" 

Kenya, election preparedness 

Ethiopia, assistance to Sudanese Refugees 

East Africa, drought 

Zimbabwe, children’s education 

East Asia and the Pacific
New Zealand, earthquake recovery

China, earthquake recovery 

Philippines, Manila-Luzon flood 

China, assistance to flood affected 

Philippines, landslide 

Philippines, tropical storm Sendong 

Philippines, earthquake

Indonesia, Central Sulawesi Earthquake 
Philippines, typhoon

Latin America and the Caribbean
El Salvador, trauma treatment

Haiti, Tropical Storm Isaac recovery 

Dominican Republic, Tropical Storm Isaac recovery 

Haiti, long-term recovery 

Haiti, emergency food distribution 

Haiti, trauma resilience training 
Nicaragua, water projects
Haiti, Superstorm Sandy relief

Middle East and Europe
Pakistan, flood recovery

Syria, humanitarian crisis in Aleppo 

Syria, humanitarian crisis 

Lebanon, medical support for Iraqi refugees 

Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt, humanitarian crisis (Arab Group for Christian-Muslim Dialogue) 

Syria, humanitarian aid in Homs 

Eastern Europe, severe weather 

Gaza, Ahli Hospital 

Syria, humanitarian crisis
Syria, refugee support  

Southern Asia
Thai/Burma, refugee support on border 

Thailand, floods 

India, Sikkim earthquake 

Sindh, rehabilitation for flood affected 

Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Province, assistance to conflict-affected  

North America
Appalachia, emergency heating assistance

Chicago, emergency refugee assistance

Alabama, tornado recovery

Virginia, tornado clean-up and recovery

Great River Region, Hurricane Isaac recovery (3) 

California, emergency refugee assistance 

Missouri, Joplin Community Recovery Effort 

Ohio, emergency assistance 

Missouri, fire damage 

West Virginia, house fire 

Iowa, food security for children Infants Emergency Pantry 

Texas, refugee services 

Ohio, Community Refugee & Immigration Services 

North Carolina, solidarity grant for family of shooting victim 

Pennsylvania, emergency food assistance 

Texas, severe storm damage 

Tennessee, CWS-IRP/Bridge refugee services 

US, 2012 summer storms and wildfires 

Maryland, severe heat 

Missouri, tornado recovery 

Missouri, flood recovery 

Indiana, tornado damage 

Kentucky, tornado damage 

Tennessee, tornado damage 

Northwest Area, flood damage 

Ohio, flood damage 

North Carolina, tornado damage 

Southwest, tornado damage 

Kansas, tornado damage 

Oklahoma, tornado damage 

Mississippi, Joplin tornado recovery 

Upper Midwest, tornado damage 

AL/NW FL, tornado recovery

Central Rocky Mountain Region, fire relief 

Kentucky, support of regional and long term recovery tornado response 
Colorado, wildfire recovery 

West Virginia, storm response 

Illinois, tornado recovery
Texas, emergency refugee assistance
Georgia, emergency heating assistance
New York, Superstorm Sandy relief and recovery
New Jersey, Superstorm Sandy relief and recovery
Pennsylvania, hurricane damage
Maryland and Washington DC, severe storm damage
Washington, church vandalism
Texas, rice and beans for Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries
Indiana, church fire recovery
Connecticut, trauma resources for children  

Development and Long-Term Recovery and Rehabilitation

DRCongo, medical care and emergencies

Zimbabwe, support for Council of Churches

Zimbabwe, children's education

Tanzania (3), medical needs 

DR Congo, solar panels and system for DoC community 

Kenya, education improvement project 

South Africa, women's shelter 

Africa, sexual and gender based violence education
Republic of Congo, women’s livelihoods
Democratic Republic of Congo, health education
Kenya, school safe zones
Kenya, wells and sand dams

East Asia and the Pacific
Philippines, agricultural production
Philippines, organic hog raising project
Latin America and the Caribbean
Guatemala, community development and interfaith dialogue for peace

Chaco Region, South America, food security

Paraguay, community development and human rights

Honduras, land reform and human rights 
Haiti, agricultural assistance
Haiti, earthquake recovery and relief
Haiti, trauma resources and training
Haiti, children’s and youth education
Haiti, assistance to people with disabilities
Haiti, food security
Haiti, health systems strengthening

Middle East and Europe
Egypt, integrated development and conflict resolution

Syria, education and leadership development

Palestine, youth ecumenical movement

Bosnia, women's empowerment and income generation

Israel/Palestine, ecumenical accompaniment program

Bosnia, peace-building and interfaith dialogue

Republic of Georgia, youth education

Israel/Palestine, education and teacher training

Croatia, peace-building and development 
Serbia, Roma women’s empowerment
Serbia, Roma street children support
Republic of Georgia, vocational education for young adults
Middle East, education and advocacy

Southern Asia 
Indonesia, empowering leaders of Christian Church of West Sulawesi

Afghanistan, medical education

Sri Lanka, interfaith relations

India, youth program 

North America 
New York, poverty relief for elderly persons

Virginia, HIV/AIDS community health ministry

New York, domestic poverty reduction

Indiana, home construction
Disciples Center for Public Witness